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Multifunctional Electric Cooking Pot For Student Dormitories

Multifunctional Electric Cooking Pot For Student Dormitories

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Product information:
Product Name:Multifunction Electric Cooker
Certification:3C Certification
Applicable Persons:1-2 person


Smart appointment function:
1. Turn on the power and it is in standby state.
2. Press the "Function" button in turn to select ,total six functions according to your needs, and switch a function each time you press it. During the selection process, the selected corresponding function flashes, indicating that the corresponding function work will be performed. At this time, you can still press the "Function" key to select other functions. If no operation is done, after the indicator light flashes for 3 seconds, it will automatically enter the selected function to work, and the working process is in progress. The corresponding function is lit.
3. One-button operation, simple and quick. No matter which function is working, you can press the "Cancel" button to cancel the current work and return to the standby state. If necessary, you can press the "Function" key again to make a new function selection.
4. No matter which function of "steaming", "porridge", "rice cooking", "hot pot", "decocting" and "soup", after the working time is completed, the machine will prompt to enter the keep warm state (bb), keep warm for 8 hours. To manually select "Keep Warm", you need to press the function key, double-click it twice, the screen will display (bb) to enter the keep warm state, and after the keep warm working time is completed, it will automatically return to the standby state.

Packing list:

1 * Multi Cookers

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